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12 Hour Shift

12 Hour Shift (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Indie horror icon Angela Bettis is back in business with 12-Hour Shift (2020), a shocking new pitch black comedy flick from actress turned writer/director Brea Grant! Bettis plays Mandy, a nurse who has a side hustle abetting a cadre of crooked black market organs dealers (including David Arquette and wrestling superstar Mick Foley). While working the titular shift one crazy day, Mandy's cousin Regina (Chloe Farnworth) completely botches her job while filling in for Mandy, causing the pair to have to frantically search for a replacement kidney to complete the deal. If this is the sort of blood-soaked black comedy you like, you're in for a real treat with this flick! Just beware that the particulars of the ending are spoiled in the film's only nude scene. We'll save that for the end of the review, but just know that this is a madcap and zany flick that mixes several genres in a blender and serves up a Grand Guignol comedy that zigs every single time you think it's going to zag. Now to get to the spoiler-iffic details that surround the film's nude scene... Last warning... So they manage to get everything squared away right at the absolute last minute, leaving both Mandy and Regina scrambling for breath. Covered in blood, Chloe Farnworth's Regina ditches all of her clothes except for her bra to stumble off into another day. We get to soak up the sight of her bare buns as she walks away, giving us the ENDing we'd all hoped for!