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An Unquiet Grave

An Unquiet Grave (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


An Unquiet Grave (2020) is a thriller by director Terence Krey (who also co-wrote the film with the movie's sexy female star) who is still dealing with the death of his wife a year before. Since it has been a year and he is still very unsettled by her mysterious death, he asks his wife's sister to come to help him...not in getting over the death, but in bringing her back. They wander into the woods and practice a seance to see if they can make her rise from her grave. Does it work? You will have to see what happens next in this strange independent horror film when you watch it yourself. What we can spoil for you is that the movie's co-writer and star goes nude. She really is that multi-talented! Christine Nyland stars as Ava who is super fun and flirty when she gets her top taken off. We check her out in her pale-colored bra for a moment before things heat up even more. This guy then takes off her bra to reveal her perky pair. She stands there topless and by herself for a moment to show her small breasts with pierced nipples. When the guy gets out of the way, we are left to look at Christine topless as she stands there with her breasts out. A beautiful naked woman like Christine Nyland could raise anybody from their grave. At the very least, this look at her round mounds will make something rise in your pants!