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The Forsaken

The Forsaken (2001)

Great Nudity!

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With a $15 million production budget and ticket sales shy of 9 million, it appears The Forsaken (2001) was forsaken by vampire fans. But just because J.S. Cardone’s horror flick did horribly at the box office doesn’t mean it won’t break your spank bank. In other words, the R-rated chiller diller features a bevy a starlets who are ready, willing and able to shed their threads for the camera lens! The action kicks off when Sean (Kerr Smith) picks up Nick (Brendan Fehr), a hitchhiker/vampire hunter while on a cross-country road trip. As you can guess, a lot of neck nibbling and supernatural battles ensue until Sean becomes a vampire too. Along the way, we encounter an old woman named Ina Hamm (Carrie Snodgress), a killer called Kit (Johnathon Schaech), and a whole bunch of eerie shit-uations. On the bright side, the coven of blood-suckers who make up “the Forsaken,” have great taste in their female victims. For starters, Megan (Izabella Miko) flashes her bloody rack right off the bat. Later, the be-thonged babe bares her breasts in the bed, bath and beyond. If that’s not erotic enough, Cym (Phina Oruche) and a garage woman (Beth Ann Styne) reveal their chests and skimpy skivvies during a post-sex canoodle that comes to an abrupt end when a truck crashes into their room. The movie also includes appearances by dead-sexy Sara Downing of Dead Last (2001) fame, MTV’s former VJ Simon Rex, and the nude boobs on Julia Schultz. No wonder vampires are suckers!