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House of Sand and Fog

House of Sand and Fog (2003)

Brief Nudity

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Things go from bad to worse in Vadim Perelman’s real estate thriller House of Sand and Fog (2003). Based on the same-named novel by Andre Dubus III, the drama follows recovering alcoholic Kathy Nicolo (Jennifer Connelly) who has been hiding out in her longtime home on the California shore ever since her husband abandoned her eight months ago. Depressed and despondent, she falls behind on the taxes and her humble abode is put up for auction. After years of holding down multiple jobs, Iranian immigrant Col. Massoud Behrani (Ben Kingsley) decides to buy the house for his wife (Shohreh Aghdashloo) and children (Jonathan Ahdout and Navi Rawat). But Behrani’s hopes of reliving peaceful moments at his family’s former cottage on the shores of Iran are shattered when Kathy refuses to let go of her death-grip on the isolated paradise that has been holding her together. The two try to strike a deal but the broke brunette can’t dig up enough cash to purchase her place back. Too bad she can’t access all of the spank bank interest she’s earned from a career of flashing flesh. In this pic alone, Ms. Connelly shows off her bra-clad rack. If that’s not titillating enough, the Mr. Skin Hall-of-Famer bares her beautiful breasts in the bath. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jennifer Connelly movie without some T&A, which she exposes when her character has sex with Lester Burdon (Ron Eldard) in bed. Indeed, Jen proves she’s the brick house in House of Sand and Fog!