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Auto Focus (2002)

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You know those cheesy old sitcoms with the laugh tracks and the terrible humor that always makes you roll your eyes? Ends up, starring in those shows got you in between obscene amounts of thighs. Don't believe us? Then take a look at the Bob Crane biopic Auto Focus (2002). America's favorite World War II POW, Hogan's Heroes' Bob Crane is played by Greg Kinnear in thisfilm, as we watch him rise through the radio ranks, hit it big on the small screen, and ultimately end up dead in a still unsolved murder. Crane was an amateur photographer and a professional pervert who filmed his sexploits at a time when not too many people had cameras at home or knew how to use them. Luckily, or not, he had a buddy named John Henry Carpenter (Willem Dafoe) who knew all about them. After Crane's hit show went off the air, he spiraled into an underworld of kinkier and kinkier sex as rumors about his personal life led to him failing to land role after role. In the end, Crane was discovered murdered in an Arizona hotel room in 1978 with Carpenter going on trial for the killing, but ultimately being acquitted. The case is still officially unsolved, but it's no mystery why men flocked to this movie! Maria Bello shows off a nipple in a fantasy scene with Sergeant Schultz and Colonel Klink! We see something..we like! We know...you liked that! Alex Meneses has an extremely intentional nipple slipple trying to seduce Crane at a bar. Kitana Baker flashes her flower girls at a hippie party, and Amber Griebel does a topless table dance that had our little soldier shooting full auto! Teri Geary kicks it into high gear by showing bush and tush as a stripper, Katie Lohmann shows titty and kitty while getting filmed by Crane, and the twins Zen and Zero both show their doubles as duel dancing strippers. If he really got this much tail, Bob Crane is our hero! Auto Focus may not solve the murder of Crane, but it's clearly focused on the steamier side of his lustful life.