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Amber's Descent

Amber's Descent (2021)

Brief Nudity

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Composer and pianist Amber Waltz (Kayla Stanton) is having a pretty bad run lately, hence the title of the film Amber's Descent (2020). Things really started heading downhill for Amber when she was violently attacked in the big city where she was living. Unable to focus or concentrate on anything else, Amber packs up and heads for the quiet rural farm where she grew up in order to refocus her life and get things back on track and start composing music again. Almost immediately after moving in, however, Amber realizes that whatever she was attempting to escape in the city has followed her to the country side. Shortly thereafter, the symphony Amber has been working on begins to mysteriously compose itself, leading Amber to suspect that she may be dealing with something much more supernatural and nefarious than she initially believed. Honestly, we're a bit lazy ourselves and wouldn't mind if a ghost wanted to do some of the heavy lifting on our next symphony. It would certainly relieve us of the burden of creation, which hangs heavier and heavier these days, amirite all my composers out there? For as harrowing as the first twenty-five minutes or so are, things start heading in a sexy direction around the 25 minute mark when Kayla Stanton discovers a nude Destiny Millns playing the piano! Destiny then moves Kayla to the couch and starts going down on her, though we don't see anything from Kayla. Then three minutes later, we finally get a nice look at Kayla's big right breast as she takes a shower! That should begin your hand's descent below your waistband!