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The Strings

The Strings (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Canadian chiller The Strings (2020) stars Teagan Johnston as Catherine, a musician who is looking for a little solitude to create some new music, so she seeks it in the wilderness of her home province of Prince Edward Island. At first, things seem to be going well, with Catherine having a handful of positive musical breakthroughs, but it isn't long before she begins to suspect that she's not alone inside her cabin. And so we sit and wait for whatever horror might be lurking around the corner, though it's entirely possible it's all inside Catherine's own head. The wait becomes agonizing as we wonder if Catherine may be losing her mind, but thankfully she doesn't spend all her time in this cabin. She ventures into town from time to time, striking up a relationship with sensitive photographer Grace (Jenna Schaefer) whom she enlists to take pictures for her album. This is where our interest in this flick really got piqued as these two ladies get down to some lusty lesbian loving, though sadly there's no nudity in their makeout scene! In a bit of good news, though, leading lady Teagan Johnston does deliver a knockout nude debut in the flick! An hour and ten minutes in, Teagan takes an outdoor shower at night, showing off her nice natural knockers, followed by a look at her beautiful backside as she walks nude into the woods after the shower! We're not sure who's pulling those titular Strings, but we get the feeling you'll be pulling on something as well!