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Flashback (2021)

Brief Nudity

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Buckle up, make sure you have some water handy, and maybe tell a friend that you're going to take this movie because it's a trip and a half!  Flashback is an appropriate name for this psychological thriller that follows a man dipping in and out of reality and time.  We follow Fred Fitzell (Dylan O'Brien) who is kind of stuck in a bit of a mundane existence in present time, who regularly pines for his youth and his artistic years.  When he has a chance encounter with a friend from his past, who he seemingly forgot about entirely, his life begins to spiral out of control.  In the wake of this chance encounter, Fred literally and metaphorically dips back and forth in time.  Bouncing back and forth from his present life back to his high school years and home again.  As he searches for answers about what is happening to him, he stumbles back into a long lost mystery about a girl from his past, Cindy (Maika Monroe), who went missing many years ago.  He also discovers that he has a checkered history with a psychedelic drug that everyone on the streets simply calls "Mercury", and when on it he has mind bending hallucinations that feature a terrifying monster that appears quite regularly in his artwork, much to the chagrin of his current girlfriend Karen (Hannah Gross), who doesn't want him drawing the monster that has followed him into adulthood anymore!  Lucky for us though, we're going to be having serious flashbacks of the amazingly sexy Hannah Gross and her bathtub nip slip in this one!  Also, we get to relive some strip club experiences with Fred and the sexy Sima Fisher's topless stage routine!