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House of Gucci (2021)

Brief Nudity

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House of Gucci (2021) is the epic Ridley Scott film that shines a light on fashion, but in doing so it also features a series of semi-questionable Italian accents, wild wigs, and prosthetics that make some of these actors truly unrecognizable. Those are the things that had people talking about this film, but its stars also made this movie very worth watching. Lady Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani who is an Italian woman from a humble background. She marries into the wealthy Gucci family and her intensity nearly topples their fashion empire. Adam Driver plays her husband Maurizio Gucci while the cast is stacked with other Americans playing Italians like Aldo Gucci, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, and more. Salma Hayek even stars as Pina Auriemma! This is one star-studded cast that aims to tell the story of how Patrizia Reggiani's ambition threatened to undo everything that this family worked so hard to get. Her presence brings about lies, deception, vengeance, betrayal, and even murder. Murder! Yes, this movie gets that crazy. This film also features nudity, so it is very worth a watch. Lady Gaga has some bathtub scenes that show off her breasts and side boob Gaga's character LOVES baths because she also takes a mud bath at a spa with Salma Hayek. We don't see their muddy mams, but we are definitely searching. There is a rumor that these two shot a lesbian scene that was cut out of the movie. Maybe one day we will see the uncut version! Lady Gaga nude is always in fashion!