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Me You Madness

Me You Madness (2021)

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Described as an out-of-touch vanity project obsessed with the trials and tribulations of the ultra-wealthy, Me You Madness (2021) marks the writing and directing debut of Scottish actress Louise Linton, the controversial wife of former Treasury Secretary and stone cold sex god Steve Mnuchin! Former Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick stars as an ambitious thief who sets his sights on burglarizing a very modern home in Malibu. Little does he know that Catherine Black (Linton), the woman who owns the house, is a prolific serial killer with a penchant for the finer things in life. Things like having sex for exercise, cocaine, and of course, shoes... women be shoppin', amirite? She's essentially a female Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, obsessing over material goods and then murdering—or perhaps fantasizes about murdering—unsuspecting people in her circle. Catching on to the naive thief's desire to rob her blind, Catherine proactively invites him to come in and begins a torrid affair with him, taking full advantage of his naïveté! The film eventually devolves into Looney Tunes-esque levels of cartoonish violence, making wild swings at making a satirical statement about the ultra-wealthy, but instead condoning the terrible behavior of its characters rather than condemning it. Whether or not the social commentary lands is ultimately beside the point, because Louise Linton loves showing off her hot body in this flick! She bares T'n'A in the shower, shows off in exercise wear that clings to every contour of her figure, and even has a steamy sapphic hookup with the lovely Shuya Chang! The movie may be out of touch, but Linton's knockout nudity will have you getting in touch... with yourself!