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Every Last One of Them

Every Last One of Them (2021)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Every Last One of Them (2021) is an action revenge thriller where a burned bad ass dude hunts down, you guessed it, every last one of the people responsible for his misery. The aptly named ex mercenary Jake Hunter (Paul Sloan) kicks off the film by strolling into a topless bar, though he's not there for the entertainment. He causes quite a scene, attempting to rough up the tough guys at the bar, though we soon find out he's not after them. He's actually after the guy who runs the bar, Mr. Nichols (Jake Weber), who Jake thinks is behind the disappearance of his daughter. What Jake doesn't know yet, however, is that Mr. Nichols and his sister Maggie (Taryn Manning) are in the middle of securing a deal for control over the water rights of the city. You read that right, this flick is Taken meets Chinatown, with a healthy dose of DTV action flick thrown in for good measure. The film busts out the big guns around halfway through, at least in terms of marquee names, with Michael Madsen turning up as an old friend of Jake's who helps him get armed for his final battle, and Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss turning up in a glorified cameo as Jake's former commanding officer. When it comes to the big guns Mr. Skin likes being busted out, that comes right in the aforementioned first scene when topless nudecomer Viktoriya Dov bares her big breasts while trying to get Jake's attention in the strip club! Honestly, he could've just stayed there and we could've had 90 minutes of a much more exciting movie!