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Section 8

Section 8 (2022)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


A war hero out for revenge is the familiar sounding plot of this by-the-numbers action thriller starring True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten. He plays Jake, who returns from fighting the Taliban to barely scrape by working in his uncle’s (Mickey Rourke) garage trying to support his wife and son. He sees his uncle getting shaken down for protection money and beats up the collection crew, but the bad guys retaliate by killing his family and when Jake avenges them, he is thrown in San Quentin. While there, he’s recruited by Dermot Mulroney, who offers him freedom in exchange for his service within a covert ops team (a.k.a. assassins). Jake soon discovers that killing innocent people and politicians isn’t for him, so he and a few other members of the team go on the run and become targets themselves. While there’s not much new territory here, what we haven’t see before are Kimi Alexander’s perky pair as the comely Canadian makes her nude debut during some slow motion sex as Jake’s wife. As topless scene’s go, Kimi’s knockers are killer!