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#1 Cheerleader Camp

#1 Cheerleader Camp (2010)

Great Nudity!

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From the low effort entertainment outlet known as The Asylum, comes the skin-filled teen sex comedy #1 Cheerleader Camp (2010). Andy (Seth Cassell) and Michael (Jay Gillespie) are two ultra-horny college buddies always looking for a new scheme to get into girl's panties. Eventually, they realize they can get jobs as groundskeepers at a cheerleading camp for the whole summer, and think this is the path to gash. With dreams of trimming the hedges during the day and chasing toned, tight, perky and peppy trim all night, they happily take the gig. But when they get there, they can't help but fell bad for The Beavers, the camp's worst team of cheerleaders led by the talented but out of place Sophie (Erica Duke). Enlisting the help of some local strippers, our groundskeepers decide they need to do whatever it takes to make sure the Beavs rise from hapless underdogs to cheerleading superstars. And if they end up under, or doing doggystyle with, a few of those underdogs along the way? Even better! Three cheers for the ladies willing to show some skin in this one! Michaela Myers not only has a topless make out session with Meryl Bush, but forces Harmony Blossom to squish her boobs against Michaela's to see whose are bigger. But are they bigger than Mr. Skin's face? Diane Jay Gonzalez and Maura Murphy go fully nude as strippers who are recruited to join the cheer team. There's even a terrible "tight V" joke from Miss Murphy, who pulls up her skirt in the middle of a cheer. But while the good girl in these ones don't usually give us any good skin, Erica Duke's pink poppers show up before boning one of our fellas. Thanks to #1 Cheerleading Camp for giving us a T! And giving us an A!