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Witches' Night

Witches' Night (2007)

Brief Nudity


It’s Halloween weekend and some campers are taking an ill-advised trip in to the woods in Witches' Night (2007). Jim (Gil McKinney) has just been jilted by his fiancé, and his best buds Bill (Jeff Christian), Ted (Jeff Alba), and Rick (Wesley Walker) are determined to cheer him up with a camping trip. When they stop for supplies at a hillbilly convenience store, Rick unwisely decides to steal a strange book filled with sinister markings. After they set up camp they run into 4 beautiful women who just happen to be hanging out in the same remote woods, but of course, nothing is what it seems to be. Angel face beauty Elisabeth Oas shows off her bewitching blinkers playing a babe with a sinister motive. She’ll definitely get your stake burning!