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VooDoo Curse: The Giddeh

VooDoo Curse: The Giddeh (2005)

Brief Nudity

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Veteran character actor Glenn Plummer tries his hand behind the camera in the low-budget but eerily effective B-horror effort VooDoo Curse: The Giddeh (2005). Plummer stars as Jenkins, a serious-minded college professor who’s responsible for making key discoveries in the realm of African voodoo. Because of his revered status in the field, Jenkins comes into possession of a sacred text that holds the key to controlling the ancient spirit of the Giddeh. When a naïve student swipes the tome in an effort to impress a perky co-ed, he unwittingly unleashes a horrible curse on his campus. It’s a dumb move to be sure, but you can hardly fault the kid--he was only trying his best to bag lithe blonde Breanna Startzel. One look at her perfect tush should be enough to demonstrate why the guys get a little crazy around her.