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Wetlands (2013)

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The German dramedy Wetlands (2013) stars Carla Juni as Helen, a young woman with some, shall we call them, peculiar grooming habits. In part because she's mad at her hygiene obsessed mom (Meret Becker) for divorcing her dad (Axel Milberg), she doesn't bathe a whole lot, but does like to use veggies as sex toys any chance she gets. We'd love to hear those VeggieTales! While spending time in a hospital for a booty shaving mishap, she reflects on her life and hatches a plan to get her divorced parents back together. She also plans to stop her sexually deviant ways and settle down, hopefully with Robin (Christoph Letkowski), the male nurse treating her. Maybe once her bottom heals, he'll get to the bottom of why Helen acts so crazy. Despite the salty subject matter, this film features some phenomenal nudity from Carla Juni! Carla bares her bush and butt at the six-minute mark, and just a few minutes later we see her breasts in the tub and her bush again as she pleasures herself with a cucumber! That'll make you tickle your pickle! We also get bush from Meret Becker when she lifts up her dress to expose herself at the dinner table, and some more borderline disgusting yet sexy things that Carla and Meret get up to together! There's also some phenomenal fun baggage from both Marlen Kruse who flashes her friend after taking off her bikini top, and Pia Rover who is trying to bang some grandpa on the couch. Wetlands makes sticky hands! Throw in a full frontal look at Anna Konig as a worth every penny prostitute, and it looks like the Wetlands this one's referring to the front of your pants!