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The Wicked Uncle

The Wicked Uncle (2011)

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Oh Germany, don't ever stop being YOU when it comes to film-making with the montage style and hyper experimental, fourth wall breaking weirdness of your films like The Wicked Uncle (2011).  While on it's surface it looks like a normal enough premise for a movie, a single mother Trix Brunner (Miriam Japp) and her daughter Saskia (Paula Schramm) move to the more rural area of Deutschland from the big city, but she's convinced that the creepy gym teacher (Jörg-Heinrich Benthien) is potentially having inappropriate relations with her daughter!  She accuses him and obviously the whole town becomes furious with the phys ed class leading "lothario", throwing his life in upheaval.  While the story seems straight forward, the telling of said story is a cluster of montages, dream sequences, fantasies come to life, and smash cut edits, while regularly breaking the fourth wall and showing the camera crew in action, coupled with interviews with the real life actors/actresses every now and again.  It's a fever dream, especially if your Deutsche isn't all that great!  Any way you splice it though, this movie is chocked full of nudity, and we are not playing around with that term lightly.  Apart from the full frontal forays of the main actresses Miriam Japp, Paula Schramm, and Verena Berger, there are entire gym classes full of naked girls exercising in the buff!  They play a game of musical towels, grabbing towels off each other, they carry in the gym teacher on a roman emperor style float, and there are multiple non-sequiturs to random women doing full frontal to narrate.  DO NOT MISS THIS FILM...  Come for the weird and stay for the sexy!