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BloodRayne: The Third Reich

BloodRayne: The Third Reich (2010)

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Vampire vixen Rayne uses her bloodsucking skills and famous duel swords to fight the Nazis in Bloodrayne 3: The Third Reich (2010). There's blood, guts and corseted boobs aplenty in this pulpy slice of Nazisploitation from schlockmeister Uwe Boll, who famously fought his critics in boxing matches when he got sick of their trashing his films. The third movie in the franchise based on a video game series, Rayne is a vampire-human hybrid, and the daughter of the vampire king. Working for the French resistance during World War II, while slaughtering her way across the frozen German landscape Rayne encounters Ekart Brand (Michael Pare), an evil Nazi officer who wants to suck Rayne's half-human, half-vampire blood...and inject it into Hitler to make an immortal uber-führer. Das, not good. It looks like Rayne won't have a problem stopping that plan, until she tries to kill a Nazi Commander, only to find that while she left him to suffer, some of her blood got into his body and now he's a half vampire, too. With the Nazis in possession of a new superweapon of sorts, it's up to Rayne to take him down before he teams up with Adolf and takes over the world. Kristianna Loken, who played Rayne in the first two BloodRayne films, departs for the third, leaving the movie in the capable boobs- er, hands- of Natassia Malthe. The new Wayne doesn't skimp on the nudity, making sure to match her predecessor in making you sticky while slaughtering any Swastika wearing soldier she comes across. While they don't exactly move the plot along, Mr. Boll made sure to throw in a bunch of sex scenes to make sure the flick was especially watchable. The most interesting of these scenes was when Rayne hits up a brothel for a little girl on girl action. Dora Lipovcan and Davorka Tovlio play prostitutes who want to thank Rayne for protecting them from a mean soldier, by using their most pleasurable sex techniques. There are hooters all over the place when they set out to start with a massage, before things get much more erotic and we see Natssia's ass. In total, the naughty Natassia bares her voluptuous bod for three sexy scenes, skincluding an oily massage, a stand-up sex scene on a train, and a bloody good girl-girl scene that'll put a stake in your pants! With all that good stuff, the blood will be pumping to your main vain watching the new Bloodrayne!