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The Golden Glove

The Golden Glove (2019)

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Ah, the early 70s in Hamburg, Germany...  You'd think a time of quality music and nightlife in the bustling port city on the Elbe River but just like all across America at that time, there is a dark and evil monster lurking and killing the ladies of the night.  The Golden Glove (2019) follows the exploits of one of Germany's most notorious serial killers of all time, Fritz Honka, played by the shockingly handsome Jonas Dassler, who absolutely transforms into the monster with the help of a ton of prosthetics and a false lazy eye.  Fritz was a mean drunk who eventually confessed to and was convicted of killing 4 red-light district prostitutes but only after his apartment caught fire and the firefighters found a woman's torso in a bag among the ashes!  The really gross part is that he wasn't even disposing of their bodies, he was just stuffing them into his crawl space and letting them rot, but don't worry, he was hanging plenty of pine tree air fresheners around to cover up the smell!  His first victim, Vasiliki Georgina Pseimada, goes full frontal as a corpse getting her head removed with a hacksaw.  He then goes on to kill Martina Eitner-Acheampong after some VERY rough sex with this full-figured fox.  Then he also gets physical with both Margarete Tiesel and Katja Studt before being caught and brought to justice.  All of these actresses get naked in one way or another and based on the content in this flick, we hope they all got paid handsomely!  Unlike the main character!