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Little Thirteen

Little Thirteen (2012)

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The new “Porn Generation” is highlighted and analyzed in the German, sex-filled drama Little Thirteen (2012). Truly a movie that will have you more terrified of having a teen girl than anything Euphoria has ever put out, speaking of putting out, this one follows thirteen-year-old Sarah (Muriel Wimmer) and her sixteen-year-old best friend Charly (Antonia Putiloff). Despite being too young to drive, both ladies have somehow hit double digits in the number of sex partners they’ve had. Sarah slows down the sexcapades when she meets the eighteen-year-old Lukas (Joseph Konrad Bundschuh) in a chat room, eventually leading to a fairly stable relationship, that would still be super illegal here in the US of A, but is something the young teen has never experienced. At the same time, Charly gets knocked up, which sends her on a desperate search for the sperm donor. And if she can't find him, she'll just keep railing older dudes until one steps up to stepdad. Yikes! Before you go looking around for Chris Hansen, you should know the actresses were way older than the roles they were playing, so feel free to play with yourself to their "barely legal" style bait and switch. Yes, there are plenty of scenes in this fleshy-flick that will have you donating some sperm of your own. In an awkwardly sexy scene, Muriel Wimmer shaves her beave with some shaving cream assistance from her friend. Teamwork makes the dream work! But you’ll really get excited when Muriel bares boobs while getting her freshly shaved box orally pleasured. That tween sure loves having a dude's face between her legs! Later, her and Isabelle Gerschke will both end up in bed with the same dude, with both getting nude! Ada Sternberg flaunts her amazing three B’s in a post-poke nude show. Not to be outdone, Isabell Gerschke gives us a look at her little riblets while dry riding her dude, while sleeping topless, and in the midst of that awesome threesome. There’s nothing unlucky about Little Thirteen!