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Ana, My Love

Ana, My Love (2017)

Great Nudity!

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Through the years, the writings of famed philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche have promoted free revolutionary thought; inspired heated debates about existentialism and nihilism; predicted the end of objective truth; proposed eternal recurrence; and influenced the likes of novelist Ayn Rand, writer Jean-Paul Sartre, philosopher Albert Camus, and filmmaker Călin Peter Netzer — who wrote, directed and produced Ana, My Love (2017). Also known as Ana, mon amour, the skinternational flick centers around lovers Ana (Diana Cavallioti) and Toma (Mircea Postelnicu) as they argue about Nietzsche’s theories, including What does not kill me makes me stronger.” Or, as Mr. Skin believes, What does thrill me makes my cock longer.” During the course of the Romanian romance, we learn that the pair of protagonists fell in love in college, and that Ana suffers from extreme anxiety. We can see why Toma spends his life trying to care for his unbalanced girlfriend — she’s crazy sexy! For starters, the topless hottie struts her stuff in nothing but a pair of barely-there panties. If that’s not arousing enough, the brunette ingénue shows off her bare bouncing breasts as she and her man repeatedly have oral and penetrative sex! Even though the erotic drama is in Romanian, Ms. Cavallioti’s naked T&A speaks volumes. In other words, none of their boinking gets lost in translation. In one scene, Mircea kisses Diana’s chest; in another, he eats out her ass! Needless to say, their amorous shenanigans give us views of Di’s pubes and nude caboose. All aboard, who’s coming aboard!