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We Couldn't Become Adults

We Couldn't Become Adults (2021)

Brief Nudity


For Sato (Mirai Moriyama), hitting 46 years old and working a job that he can't stand anymore is putting him through an existential crisis of sorts, especially considering he is about as lonely as he's ever been, living single.  So Sato spends his time like anyone going through the open stages of a midlife crisis by doing what most of us do when he hit that age, reminisce about the past relationships we've had over the years.  As Sato's story unfolds, we jump back and forth from his present day drunken woes all the way back to 1995, when he first fell in love with Kaori (Sairi Itô), the first girl he ever did anything with, including losing his virginity and falling in love.  He followed that relationship with a woeful and unfulfilling string of ladies in his 20s, hoping from bar to bar, until he lands on Sue (Sumire), a girl he doesn't really love but doesn't mind seeing in her pink panties, if you know what we mean!  Then we also get to see this aging Lothario land more and more unsatisfying one night stands with ladies like the work conference dancer, Tae Ishi (Yuko Oshima), who reminds him of his first love in more ways than one and it's not just her perfect cleavage and pigtails. So sidle up next to a Japanese mid-life crisis that looks all too familiar from anywhere in the world, and check out some cuties as we stroll down memory lane and luckily we get to see Sairi Itô quite nude along the way as well in We Couldn't Become Adults.