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Romance Doll

Romance Doll (2020)

No Nudity

Top Scene


It's like a fairytale!  Talented sculptor and out of work art student takes a job, falls for a girl at the job, and they live happily ever after!  Just kidding, this one has more sexual twist and turns than half the girls you dated in college...  We open on the unemployed and uber-talented Tetsuo (Issey Takahashi) who stumbled into a career using his gift of sculpture to design realistic sex dolls at a company that makes fuck toys for the masses.  After his first attempt fails because he can't sculpt breasts as good as he thought, his boss scolds him into hiring a model to make a mold to follow.  Enter Sonoko (Yū Aoi) and her perfect breasts; Tetsuo decides to use her as his muse throughout the sex doll design project and subsequently a shy and awkward, yet adorably realistic flirtation between the two blossoms into a real relationship and eventually a marriage!  As time goes on and Tetsuo's business booms on the fake sex doll design sales of his very real-life wife, he begins to neglect her for her latex counterpart... Especially when he is convinced that he can make improvements on his design.  While he toils away at the office, giving the doll more attention that his real wife at home, we get a nice juxtaposition of a relationship in trouble, coupled with some smart metaphors about love, work, relationships, and trying to change the person you married instead of loving the smoking hottie that she was when that bra first came off and you made the first plaster cast of her tits...  It's a story we ALL know too well!  Well we definitely get some solid side boobage on the lead Yū Aoi, that is about the best you can get, as this pervy Japanese feature has it's heart solely planted in the world of sex that we love and pride ourselves in, it's lacking in the nudity department.