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Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch (1991)

Brief Nudity

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Bill Lee (Peter Weller) is a bug exterminator who, along with his mean-tempered wife Joan (Judy Davis), gets hooked on his own bug powder in David Cronenberg's trippy drama Naked Lunch (1991). Based on the William S. Burroughs novel of the same name, the film takes place in the 50's with Lee finding out his wife's been huffing his bug gas. He gets arrested for her drug use while tripping himself, and while swimming in a narcotics-induced paranoia, sees his Remington typewriter come alive in the form of a slimy, bug-shaped creature that informs him that he is really a secret agent. His mission is to kill his spy wife, then fight a conspiracy originating in the dreamlike world of Interzone. He shoots his wife in a William Tell attempt gone wrong, just like Burroughs did in real life, leading him to travel to Morocco for a spaced out meeting with other “agents”. From there, things somehow get even crazier, with drugs made from Brazilian centipedes, corrupt border agents, and a chance for Lee to pull off the William Tell move he botched the first time. Since everything else in the movie is a giant beatnik generation metaphor, it shouldn't shock us, even if it disappoints us, that there's no actual naked lunch in this one. But Cronenberg did at least give us a tiny bit of nudity. Instead of the nude meal, providing the film's sole boobage is Monique Mercure, who flashes her flapdoodles as the sinister leader of an all-lesbian workforce that whips out her tits while smoking a giant cigar. Can't beat that! Monique's smoking Sapphic bosslady will have you performing your William Swell act watching Naked Lunch!