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Nun’s Diary: Confession

Nun’s Diary: Confession (1979)

Great Nudity!

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Buckle up for this classic exploitation flick from the Nikkatsu Erotic Film Collection, because it is going to send your emotions tumbling out of your brains, into your stomach, then promptly launched out your groin and ass simultaneously like a car crash going ass over tea-kettle down a Japanese freeway.  Seriously, the word "exploitation" doesn't engross what you are witnessing, it's a sub-genre of that should probably be labeled as "nun-sploitation" as it spends more time in a convent with a cast of characters that have no business being there, but are still somehow living in a classic Catholic house of worship, habits and all.  We open the movie following the newly wed bride Miki (Yuki Nohira), who after surviving a wedding night attack, her husband deems her a "ruined woman" and she would bring shame on their family name, so he banishes her to a local Nun-ery...  Well, of course, this convent isn't just filled with your classic "Sister Mary Shovel-faces" cracking your knuckles with a yard stick, it's a bevy of scalding hot Japanese ladies who wear nothing under their habits and are exploring their sexuality with each other, the local boys at the disco, a bunch of mask wearing businessmen, and pretty much anyone with 70s sideburns who cross their path.  This movie has it all, foxy Japanese nuns, tasteful 70s nudity, gentle and poorly choreographed karate fight scenes, nipple twisting interrogations, a masked business men/nun orgy, and just a shitload of nudity from more women than we can shake a yard stick at!  Including from star Yuki Nohira, Miyako Yamaguchi, and Yuki Yoshizawa, just to name a few of these naughty nuns!