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Vacationland (2006)

No Nudity


Vacationland (2006) sounds like our kind of place. A setting for permanent vacation. This German drama, though, is in fact filmmaker Todd Verow’s look back at his own youth for inspiration. Childhood can seem like a vacation in hindsight, but of course it ain’t when you’re living it. The setting is Bangor, Maine, and Joe, an 18-year-old high schooler dreams of attending art school. Sadly, Joe is the victim of an early molestation that he keeps to himself and is hired by an elderly disable artist who hires him as a houseboy/model. Hum, we think we know where this is going. Yeah, it’s gay, but there’s also lesbianism thanks to Mindy Hoffman and Jennifer Stackpole who get it on, albeit it fully clothed, for some heavy kissing.