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Twisted Nightmare

Twisted Nightmare (1987)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Horror
  • Directed by: Paul Hunt
  • Rated: R
  • Theatrical Release: 01/15/1987
  • Home Release: 03/29/1989
  • Country: USA
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Twisted Nightmare (1987) is the gory story of a group of teens who win a trip to a summer camp that they attended as children. This trip is far from innocent nostalgia, however, as the gang begins to disappear one by one. The survivors suspect that the disappearances are connected to the death of a handicapped camper from years before. 

The movie might be a Twisted Nightmare, but the women in this movie are a true fantasy. We get to admire Heather Sullivan as she sits in a white tanktop with her nipples poking out, looking sexier than ever as she sits in bed with a shirtless fella. Crisstyn Dante gives us an ample amount of her ass when she takes off her bra and slides down her panties. We get to admire her sun-kissed booty and perky boobs! The raunchy Rhonda Gray proudly shows off her chest when she gets nude and lets the camera pan up and down her tan body so that we admire her boobs and buns. When she gets out of the shower there is a great overhead shot of her clean boobs. Juliet Martin and Donna Correa are both topless with their men in a sexy sauna scenario where Juliet is massaging her man as her honkers hang out in the open. Donna meanwhile is being felt up by her beau as the two of them make out. This is a steamier scene than any sauna!