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The sensationally sexy Sandrine Bergeron's career is just getting started, but we think she's got a super bright future ahead of her. This mystery woman seems to have sprung on to the scene fully formed with virtually no information available about her background, which is sure to be a disappointment to a lot of you faithful readers out there. However, we think it's great when there's little to no knowledge of whom an actress is prior to them showing up in a film or television show. It allows our imaginations to run wild with all the possibilities of what her backstory could be. Perhaps Sandrine is a pseudonym and she's part of a family in witness protection, whose very lives she just put in jeopardy by starting a career in Hollywood. Or maybe she's the daughter of Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron, but doesn't want anyone to know so she spent millions of dollars ensuring that any link between her and her famous dad has been scrubbed from the internet. Most likely, however, is that her career is in its relative infancy and there's just not much information out there about her yet. One thing we know for sure is that we like what we've seen from this babe thus far, with her film and nude debut both coming in The Voyeurs (2021)! As one of a pair of models—alongside the non-nude Bianca Blizzard—Sandrine bares her breasts during a skinsational threesome with a lucky dude! We definitely like what we've seen of Sandrine Bergeron thus far.... hopefully there's a lot more to come!