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The Rapture

The Rapture (1991)

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Rapture (rap'chur) 1. Ecstatic joy or delight. 2. A state of extreme sexual ecstasy. 3. The feeling of being transported to another sphere of existence. 4. The experience of being spirited away to Heaven just before the Apocalypse. 5. Seeing the bare breasts on Mimi Rogers! Yes, Michael Tolkin’s indie flick The Rapture (1991) really delivers when it comes to Mimi’s skin. The R rated drama centers around Sharon (Rogers), a lusty lady in Los Angeles. Just six minutes into the movie, she and Diana (Stephanie Menuez) expose their big boobies while doing Randy (David Duchovny) as another guy watches their rapture-ous ménage à trois. Twenty minutes later, Sharon is scrubbing up her bosom in the shower because she wants to get clean for Jesus. After another ten minutes, we get to peek at her peaks and butt cheeks when the built brunette gets dressed. Eventually, there’s less flesh to see as Sharon believes a Rapture is upon the world and changes from a swinger to a born-again Christian. Of course, the plot has a few twists and turns that don’t necessarily lead to a happy ending — unless you’re referring to Mr. Skin’s reaction to seeing Mimi naked. The movie also includes Darwyn Carson, James LeGros, Patrick Bauchau, Will Patton, and the bare bod on Carole Davis. The exotic hottie shows off her tattooed back, butt and side breast while having sex and being questioned by a corset-donning Sharon (who is also being banged during the conversation). Talk about loose lips!