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The Immoral Three

The Immoral Three (1975)

Great Nudity!

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Three long lost sisters team up after their mother is killed in The Immoral Three (1975). Sandy (Sandra Kay), Nancy (Michele Marie), and Ginny (Cindy Boudreau) are brought together for the first time after their mother is murdered, and they discover that she was a super sexy secret spy. She leaves them a fabulous mansion and a million bucks each, on the condition that they avenge her death within one year. The sexy sisters set out on the hunt for the killer, but they still have plenty of time for some bedways diversions. The plot is a loose setting for a string of sexy appearances from its soft-core starlets and Cindy Boudreau begins the fun by getting fully nude 5-minutes in. Sandra Kay joins in on the action by baring moist mams and muff at 21-minutes in during a sisterly skinny-dip and Michele Marie trots out her T&A at the 1-hour 17-minute mark. Thrice as nice!