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The Hottest Money Shots at Mr. Skin

The money shot is one of the sexiest possible shots in film, so this is a super hot playlist. Take a look at these sexy, jizzy scenes. Shiri Applebygets a pearl necklace from Adam Driver in this scene from Girls.Riley Keough gets a load on her inThe Girlfriend Experience. Stacy Martinfamously gets greeted with splooge in Nymphomaniac: Vol. I. Margo Stilleygives memorable oral in this scene from 9 Songs that ends with a big finish. For something strange, check out Terri Copeland in Café Flesh getting banged while she gives head.Sonya Walger takes out her hubby's dong and gives him a handy with her clothes on in Tell Me You Love Me.Linda Lovelace has one of the most famous money shots in history inDeep Throat.Kristine DeBell shows us that there's cum through the looking glass in Alice in Wonderland. Dana McBoobsshows her McTits in Carnage for the Destroyer to a man in a gorilla mask who ends up unleashing his white stuff through a prosthetic.For another taste of the milky bizarre, Sirpa Lane lets a monster spill seed between her breasts in The Beast.Anna Faris in wild and sexy in Scary Movie when she rides a guy and makes him blow a load so big that it sends her to the ceiling.Vanessa Del Rio has the time of her life riding a guy in Babylon Pink and making him spray.Renee Summers makes a masked Nixon release himself in this scene from Driller.Sahara Knite is gifted a man's pearls in this scene from Game of Thrones. Lilith Stangenbergbrings out a guy's jizz on her stomach in Wild. Anna Cordellgets sprayed on the chest in Rubber Heart. Roberta Gemmahas white gems grace her huge hooters in Hyde's Secret Nightmare. Michelle Simgives a guy a real happy ending in Frat Party. Iben Akerlie's man cums on her stomach in Don't Tell Me About Your Dreams - what if that IS our dream? Nancy Trotter Landryinspires a man to yank his crank to her in The Orgasm Diaries. Ella-June Henrardinspires a young man to masturbate onto her back as she naps on the beach in Renesse.Clea Alsip rides her guy to completion in Seclusion...but he cums on another woman who sneaks up behind them. Hey, a pearl necklace is always a gift!

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