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Driller (1984)

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Notorious horror-porn Driller(1984) is a tribute to things that go hump in the night, starring a hunchback, a werewolf with a magical rubber hose for a dick, and some of the hottest porn stars of the ‘80s. The world wasn’t quite ready for this bizarre mix of music, horror, animation, and hardcore sex when it was released in 1984, and Mr. Skin isn’t quite sure it’s ready now. Ostensibly a parody of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, Driller is the torrid tale of Louise (adult legend Tajia Rae), who after uninspiring sex with her boyfriend fantasizes that her favorite singer, “Mr. J”, visits her in her bedroom. In Louise’s fantasy “Mr. J” turns into a wolf and grows the aforementioned magical rubber hose, known as the “driller.“ He takes Louise to his secret dungeon full of sex-starved zombies and hooded, flesh-hungry monsters, which have orgies in between silly musical numbers.

There's a veritable buffet of boobs, bush and butt on display in this XXXplicit adult film. Get up close and very, very personal with Esmeralda as she squirts all over the dungeon walls, and thrill to the rack, rump, and front of Renee Summers in an undead orgy featuring writhing masses of naked bodies, ridiculous zombie makeup, and dudes in Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon masks. Creepy! Star Tajia Rae turns in a spectacular perv-formance playing hide the sausage with her dorky boyfriend, "Mr. J," and a gaggle of dungeon denizens. Driller will scare you stiff!