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The Beast

The Beast (1975)

Great Nudity!

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When the weird but skin-ful flick The Beast (1975) opened in merry ol' England, scalpers were selling tickets for the equivalent of one hundred U.S. greenbacks. And nobody complained after watching arguably the most bizarre sex film ever made. It opens with a close-up of two horses getting it on, and that's not the end of the animal copulation festivities. A creature somewhere between an ape and a bear attacks Sirpa Lane in the woods. After the beast comes all over her completely naked (and gynecologically explicit) body, she literally bangs him to death. You'll definitely not want to miss her at the 67 minute mark. First we get boobs, butt, and bush, but then you get to see her eaten by Jacko the ejaculating monster. Nice! A few minutes later you'll see Sirpa displaying more bush, and buns and tit while The Beast bangs her chest until his load is all over it. Kinda disgusting but okay! After Sirpa kills The Beast, her completely naked body buries him and leaves. The Beast died the way most flesh fiends would love to go too! Lisbeth Hummel masturbates with her bed sheet, and Pascale Rivault rides her bedpost to make up for her boyfriend's shortcomings in the sack. These girls will bring out the audience’s inner animal, and Mr. Skin can guarantee that you wont have to wait long before some 3 B action comes up on the screen that will make you want to drop your pants and start wanking with abandon!