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Frat Party

Frat Party (2009)

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The raucous collegiate sex comedy Frat Party (2009) follows big man on campus Duffy (Randy Wayne) as he throws one last wild kegger the night before he is to marry rich heiress Caroline D'Amore, whose father will stop at nothing to prevent the wedding. As the party rages, we get to see skin from a whole bevy of babes including Erica Day, Jasna Novosel, Stacy Leigh, and Michelle Sim. Nice kappas, girls! If you want to get straight to the skin-ful stuff, you won't have to wait long, as Tess Arlington shows us some breasts and underwear in a lesbian scene involving sisters making out in bed. Erica Day makes our day a minute later when she pulls off her bra and exposes her perfectly round and perky boobs for 13 seconds of heaven. Jesse Jane will have you going insane with lust multiple times throughout the flick, as she shows us her delicious tits a total of three times. The best of the scenes occurs at the 54-minute mark when a wet and wild Jesse gets some from-behind love in the shower, giving us a nice chance to ogle her big ones. You'll be ogling yourself in no time! If all of that is not enough, Stacy Leigh shows us some boobage as well in a scene where she straddles a guy in the weight room and shows off her delicious dumbbells as they make out. Frat Party has about as much nudity as you'd expect from a movie called Frat Party. Count us in!