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Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me (2007)

Great Nudity!

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You'll get an HBO-gasm from the cable network's landmark—and gland-mark—romantic drama, Tell Me You Love Me. On each installment of this very much adults-only program, three couples have one thing in common besides their shared therapist—problems in the boudoir. Dr. May Foster (Jane Alexander) is that therapist, while the couples include the thirty-somethings in a loving marriage that somehow has decayed into a dead bedroom, Katie (Ally Walker) and Dave (Tim DeKay), the couple struggling to conceive, Carolyn (Sonya Walger) and Palek (Adam Scott), and the struggling couple dealing with the dude's possibly adulterous activities, Jamie (Michelle Borth) and Hugo (Luke Farrell Kirby). But Dr. May just may be having some issues in her own sex life with her partner Arthur (David Selby). These erotic predicaments might spell frustration for Tell Me's carnally confounded characters, but it’s nothing short of bare-bodied bliss for the audience, as we get to ogle all sorts of sumptuously stacked women. On the show whose sex scenes were so realistic they had to shoot down rumors they were the real deal, we get to watchSonya Walger trying all sorts of sex hoping to have that baby. Oh baby, do all three of her B's look good getting hot with Adam Scott! Thebuff-bodied Michelle Borth shows her worth, thanks to some top notch riding scenes that showcase her rack, ass and vag. And of course, the wondrously alluring Ally Walker in various stages of undress, followed by eye-poppingly explicit intercourse that has her wailing in pleasure thanks to a huge orgasm. Even the GILF Jane Alexander, gets in on the action, pumping away in a senior-citizen sex scene that will harden more than your arteries. Easily the most graphic primetime series aired in the U.S. to date, it's a shame that HBO didn't keep it around for longer than one season. With all that erotic activity, we're telling you, you'll love Tell Me You Love Me