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The Dead Ones

The Dead Ones (2020)

No Nudity

Top Scene


High school is harder for some than it is for others, that pretty much goes without saying.  There are jocks, bullies, bad boys, mean girls, stoners and skaters, all of which can be the "meanies" and for the four outcasts that lead this horror flick, they are definitely not popular amongst ANY click.  As these teens come together at the beginning of the movie, they are basically tasked with spending their entire summer vacation cleaning up the trashed school halls of the very school they despise and were tortured at for the entire school year, bummer!  As soon as they enter the main hallway, they realize that not only that something terrible has happened to everyone in the school, but that there are four ghoulish bad guys with machine guns outside the school, trying to get in to kill them!  The four gas-mask sporting psychos are dressed as the four-horseman of the apocalypse and want blood.  As they run through the hallways, classrooms, and vents of the school to get away from the villains, they also must confront the past traumas they faced during their time in the school, which could very well be haunted with the ghosts of bullies past!  Along the way, they soon begin to realize that not everyone in their group is as innocent as they let on and that those blood stained walls might actually mean they are the bad guys!  It's a pretty tame flick on the sexy good times, but we do get to see the sultry and scared up body of Katie Foster-Barnes in her bra while getting busy in the bathroom!