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The Blood Oranges

The Blood Oranges (1997)

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Some free love practicing hippies cause all sorts of chaos for a married couple in The Blood Oranges (1997). Based on a super sexual novel of the same name from 1970, that shocked the world with its portrayal of a then novel kink called "swinging," many critics felt the politics of the story were outdated by the late 90's. But the skin scenes are truly timeless! In the film, longtime married couple Fiona (Sheryl Lee)and Cyril (Charles Dance) go off to a lovely beach town in the Mediterranean looking for some rest and relaxation. It's a pretty boring vacation until a pair of hippies named Hugh (Colin Lane) and Catherine (Laila Robbins) roll up looking to get wild. Things are pretty chill for a while, and of course there's a whole lot of will they won't they and seductive glances at each other, but soon enough they're swapping mates and doing all sort of mating on the Mediterranean! But when married couples start switching bedroom partners, things can get complicated. Will either couple survive the slinging goo switcheroo? Or is this vacation full of penetration going to doom them both? There's tons of great nudity in this one, and not just from our erotic couples. Aida Lopez shows titty and kitty undressing for a sexy farmer photoshoot taht sees her holding a rake with her rack out. We also get to see the naked pics a bit later, and they're very nice! Laila Robins matches her tit for tat with a tits and bush out scene while she's getting a chastity belt removed, and also doing some topless tanning at the beach. But it was Sheryl Lee's Fiona giving us the biggest bona when she did some topless seducing of a man before having sex in a van, and as she sunbathes with her boobs out.  Sit back and have a good fap to the joys of a good wife swap! There's nothing like citrus and titrus as evidenced by The Blood Oranges