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The Barbarians

The Barbarians (1987)

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Manically muscle-bound identical twins Peter Paul and David Paul rip their way to B movie fame in the delightfully low budget, high impact sword-and-slaughter fantasy The Barbarians (1987). The bros play a pair of orphans who are adopted by a tribe of traveling entertainers. The group’s wealth and power emanates from a stone worn in the belly button of Queen Canary (Virginia Bryant). As you can guess, the diabolical warlord Kadar (Richard Lynch) wants the gem for himself. But when he attacks the tribe with his mutant baddies (including Hills Have Eyes icon Michael Berryman), a local hides the loot. Queen Canary gets locked up and the toned twins are trained as gladiators, which ultimately works to their advantage. Years later, the two team up with a concubine to infiltrate Kadar’s lair, slay the dragon that guards the stone, and free their queen. But not before they (and we) get to enjoy the curvaceous charms on the scantily-clad Ismene/Kara (Eva LaRue). Needless to say, the medieval ladies in The Barbarians will have you pumping more than just iron! This is especially the case when Ms. LaRue struts her stuff in barely-there animal pelts that get our primordial juices flowing. Eventually the skintastic actress would find small screen success (and a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series) as Dr. Maria Santos Grey on the classic soap opera All My Children (1993-2011). Nevertheless, all of us at Skin Central prefer the exotic hottie as a boob-bare-ian in The Barbarians!