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Take Back the Night

Take Back the Night (2022)

Brief Nudity

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Take Back the Night (2021) is a tense drama by writer and director Gia Elliot who cowrote this 90-minute film with the film's star, Emma Fitzpatrick. The movie stars Emma as a woman named Jane who is the victim of a violent attack from a monster. She tries to track down who or what did this to her, but she also struggles to cope with living as a victim afterward. She struggles with drug use and has mental health issues that come to the surface as the authorities as well as her own family and community question the veracity of her story. Under such scrutiny, she starts to doubt her own reality herself. Did this really happen to her? Was it really a monster? She will soon come to find that she didn't make anything up at all in this gripping drama! We see Emily's naked body when she gets her body investigated by police officers. As she lifts up her shirt, we see bruises on her stomach. But we also see her breasts and her buns! We see her breasts again when she checks her own body out in the bathroom. We are checking out her body, too.