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The 40-Year-Old Virgin

The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

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The film that really turned Judd Apatow into a can't miss comedy director, The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) stars Steve Carell as Andy Stitzer, a shy, introverted retail worker who mistakenly reveals to his coworkers that he's a virgin. They decide to help Andy pop his cherry, using a wide variety of terrible tactics. But Andy's not one of those angry virgins you read about on the internet, he's a nice guy who is just a little socially awkward. He doesn't even masturbate. We've jerked it three times since we started writing this sentence. From speed dating to hitting the clubs, Andy's attempts at losing his wizard status are absolute disasters, until he meets a single mom named Trish (Catherine Keener). Will Trish make Andy randy, and finally make a man out of the middle aged dude? With Seth Rogen, Kevin Hart and Paul Rudd on hand, hilarity is guaranteed. But the funniest, and funnest moments in the movie come from seeing Andy's attempts at getting it in. He practices his newfound techniques on blonde cutie Elizabeth Banks, who ends up masturbating with her shower massager for him, but it's Catherine Keener who has his heart-on. Of course, considering Banks' nip slip while leaning over in a racy bra, we imagine it was a tough decision for Steve! Along the way, there's lots of booty seen on TV, including one booby of Kimberly Page's that escapes during a speed-dating class. That'll certainly speed up the process! Other nudity comes from a pre-Trump affair Stormy Daniels, who appears in one of the pornos Andy is forced to watch. Jamie Ell Mann pleases every man as a topless newscaster Andy fantasizes about, though it's a side boob flash of Miss Keener that really pleased our weiner. But the best nudity comes from Laura Bottrell, a big titted brunette college girl who makes poor Andy cum in his pants when he tries to bang her in college. What a great flashback! Those bigums are gonna give her back problems in the future! After all that, does Carrell get deflowered? Mr. Skin won't spoil it, but you'll certainly pop a raging boner watching The 40-Year-Old Virgin!