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Six Feet Under (2001-2005)

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It's not over until it's over, unless you're talking about the hit nine Emmy winning HBO series Six Feet Under. In this macabre melodrama that helped make HBO the critics darling it is today, every episode begins with a person dying. Dark! The story concerns a family of morticians dealing with the death of their father, who left them his funeral home. Every episode follows that week's corpse through the final rites, while viewers follows the drama between the oldest son Nate (Peter Krause), the closeted David (Michael C. Hall), and the drug addict Claire (Lauren Ambrose). It might be most famous for its final episode, that showed how ever character kicks the bucket, but this drama about death and family dynamics also featured some dynamite nudity! While the regular cast, made up of hot cops, confused teens, and even a sex-addicted slut, played by the boobacious Rachel Griffiths, is rarely naked, the guest stars more than make up for their skinginess. Sure, there's great shots of the ladies of Six Feet in their underwear, if you want to see the best looks under the ladies' clothes have a look at Idalis DeLeon as a stripper named Infinity. Infinity is topless both onstage and on top of one of our stars, allowing us to think of the infinite number of dirty things we'd lke to do with her. Anne Dudek flashes her funbags when a dude does her doggy style. Veronica Hart flashes all three B's, though one of those B's is more like DD's, while taking a bath before her cat knocks an electric object into the tub and electrocutes her. Don't worry, you can still fap after the zap since one of the quirks of the show is that characters would chat with the sort of ghosts of the dead people, and Veronica's is naked while they have their discussion. The slim brunette Tina Holmes shows her tatas putting a shirt on after sex, while Christi Lake stars in a porno a dude's watching. Then, the curvy cutie Brett Paesel shows her bouncy jugs while dancing around a fire. There's way more nudity than that. The only problem is that they women are often dead, and laid out nude on a steel stab. But who are we at Skin Central to pooh-pooh another's cup of tease? Whether you're into the living ladies or the dead ones, Six Feet Under will have you stiff!


Lauren Ambrose

Claire Fisher

Kathy Bates


Tara Buck

Girl with Edie

Joanna Cassidy

Margaret Chenowith

Frances Conroy

Ruth Fisher

Anne Dudek

Nude - as Allison Williman

5 Pics & 1 Clip
Jenna Fischer

Sharon Kinney

Lee Garlington

Nude - as Fiona Kleinschmidt

3 Pics & 1 Clip
Rachel Griffiths

Nude - as Brenda Chenowith

2 Clips
Veronica Hart

Nude - as Jean Louise Macarthur

6 Pics & 2 Clips
Alexandra Holden

Nude - as Rebecca Leah 'Becky Maxwell' Milford

7 Pics & 2 Clips
Tina Holmes

Nude - as Maggie Sibley

3 Pics & 2 Clips
Christi Lake

Nude - as Porno Girl

1 Clip
Paula Malcomson

Woman in Bar

Nicki Micheaux

Karla, Keith's Sister

Dianna Miranda

Bride at Flower Shop

Brett Paesel

Nude - as Gourd Woman

2 Clips
Anne Ramsay

Jackie Feldman

Elise Robertson

Nude - as Annie Marie Therton

1 Clip
Michelle Ruben

Nude - as Amber

2 Pics
Dina Spybey

Tracy Montrose

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