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Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra (2000)

Great Nudity!

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If you're looking to pull your muscle to a bunch of hot people contorting their tight bodies into positions that'd have all but the most flexible fella pulling a muscle, Kama Sutra is for you. This 2000 Showtime softcore series only lasted fifteen half-hour episodes, which wasn't enough. The show starred Tamara Landry as Dalia, a master of sexual pleasure who offered lessons to couple struggling to unlock the entirety of erotic delights, with every episode featuring lots of lovely creatures getting down and going to town. Episodes range from "Women of the Royal Harem" to "The Art of Biting" to "Menage a Trois," but let's not forget "Carnal Heat" or "For the Wives of Others" while we're at it! The Utphalaka (blossoming), the Venudaritaka (broken flute), Padmasana (lotus), Dhenuka (the cow), this show's got all the best positions the ancient sext text had to offer, from all sorts of gorgeous women. Chloe and Shyra Deland both land on top of a dude's dick, showing all three B's in the process. Shyra starts in the bathtub and isn't shy about taking things to the bedroom, while Chloe gets right to business on the bed. Gabriella Hall doesn't show it all, but does flash rack and rump, while Tawny Garrison is willing to show even more! Taime Hannum likes it from behind against a wall, Regina Russell is very clever in her use of an ottoman as she does her man, and of course, Tamara shows everything as she proves the old adage about those who can't teaching to be very, very wrong. Talk about putting the fun in fundamentals, these women truly show off some textbook tantric sex abilities! Kama Sutra will have you kam-ing all over the place!