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Huff (2004-2006)

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Simpsons voice actor Hank Azaria steps in front of the camera as Dr. Craig "Huff" Huffstodt, a psychiatrist who undergoes a unique midlife crisis, shrinks his own head, and reexamine his practice, life, and values after a fifteen-year-old gay patient commits suicide in his office. A specialist in dealing with the clinically insane, the event rocks Huff's world, since he had convinced himself he could save all his patients. But it ends up Huff didn't stud to cure some randos, he studied to try and cure his institutionalized brother (Andy Comeau). Finding himself on the wrong end of a malpractice lawsuit, we watch as Huff tries to deal with his own demons while simultaneously trying to help others with theirs. Showtime's two season, three Emmy Award winner hit on some heavy stuff, but there are plenty of darkly comedic moments, and several episodes that are peppered with wifely flesh courtesy of Huff’s supremely sexy onscreen spouse, Paget Brewster. One look at her lingerie-clad bod, and all your crises will be left in the dust! Unfortunately, for a lot of the stuff Paget used a double, but plenty of other women showed the real deal. Edie Dearing was pretty endearing when she pretended to be a shrink, only to pop her top off and reveal that she's a stripper! Just lie on the couch and tell the thot your deepest thoughts! Nichole Galicia unleashed her ebony cannons while having a threesome with Oliver Platt and the easy on the eyes ivory hooters of Laura Bottrell. We also get a bra look at Ashley Williams, Giana Patton's rock hard nips poking out of a pink top, and Missy Crider in the midst of a lesbian makeout session. But the most amazing muff on Huff comes from the legendary blonde we've always wanted to bone, Sharon Stone. On top of her showing her thong while getting carried away by Platt, at one point they're in bed together and we get a quick shot of her bonerific boob! Thanks to all those ladies, there's so much good stuff on Huff