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Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct (1992)

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If you haven’t seen the neo-noir classic Basic Instinct (1992), you must have been living under a rock. And once you do see it, you’ll be hard as a rock! For anyone who might have been in a coma for the whole of the ’90s and beyond, the film follows Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) as he returns to the streets of San Francisco. He’s a flat foot hot on the trail of the dead sexy Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone). She’s a cunning crime novelist and key suspect in an icepick murder case. Dangerously enamored of her lethal charms, Douglas does what any private dick would do. He bones Ms. Stone! How could he resist since she flashed her snatch during the now famous interrogation scene wherein Sharon shares up-skirt views as she crosses and uncrosses her legs. If that’s not arousing enough, the blonde babe often has her perky breasts on display during several sex scenes. Equal time is also given to her perfectly firm fanny. There’s even a far-off view of her full frontal fury! No wonder Stone was named “Most Desirable Female” at the MTV Movie Awards! Not to be outdone, Jeanne Tripplehorn jiggles her bare jugs and bouncy buns while bending over a desk as Douglas angrily does her from behind. The skintastic act takes place before she even has a chance to close the blinds! Throughout the erotic thriller there are thrills via kinky copulating, lesbian tales, crazy car chases, and instincts which are anything but basic!