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Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen (1983)

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Back when literally every mildly unique day on the calendar needed its own slasher franchise, prom night, Halloween, Christmas, Friday the thirteenth, April Fool's Day, and a bunch of the good one's were either taken or about to be, so Jim Sotos went ahead and made Sweet Sixteen (1983). Decades before MTV showed the world the true horrors of spoiled teens unhappy that their parents won't pay for Beyonce to sing at the local fancy function hall, we met Melissa (Aleisa Shirley), a fifteen year old girl whose dad (Patrick Macnee) just moved the family, including the mom Joanne (Susan Strasberg), to Texas so he could work on a Native American archaeological dig. His helper Jason (Don Shanks) ends up dead, as does Tommy (Tony Perfit) a boy Melissa had been making out with. Apparently unbothered by all the murder, at her big birthday bash Melissa goes skinnydipping only to end up attacked by some locals, but saved by our mysterious, masked villain. It has to be related to the dig, right? Maybe some angry Indigenous ancestors or an ancient curse? Not, at all. We won't spoil the ending, but it's a wild one that you definitely won't see coming. A hot brunette whose stardom never took off the way it should have, Aleisa plays our birthday girl dealing with all the stabbings. She's totally of legal age at the time of filming, so there's no need to feel guilty watching her show all three B's in an extended shower scene filmed from the POV of a mirror. Then, we'll get a second glimpse of her amazing pair, and gorgeous hair, as she undresses before going for a lakeside swim. That's a pretty sweet look at one hot body in Sweet Sixteen!