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Rebel (2017)

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Rebel (2017) is a series that takes on the police procedural in a brand new light as officers of color go about their deeply conflicted jobs at a time when police brutality is rife. An Oakland officer, Rebecca "Rebel" Cole (Danielle Mone Truitt) plays by the rules because as a black woman she knows she has to be even better than expectations. When her brother is killed due to police misconduct, Rebel takes matters into her own hands and becomes a private investigator who no longer does things by the book as she attempts to right wrongs in the name of justice.

Officer Rebel, help! Mr. Skin is arrested by the lovely Lourdes Gabriela Lopez in her strappy red bra and panties. She plays an exotic dancer who shakes her tailfeather for paying customers and for the big screen. Mr. Skin could watch those rebellious hips shake all night long.