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American Odyssey

American Odyssey (2015)

No Nudity

Top Scene


American Odyssey ( 2015 - ) tells the story of several people caught in a conspiracy. When a group of American soldiers kill several men in a battle in North Africa they find that one of them was al-Qaida’s top man. On his computer they find proof that that a major U.S. company has been funneling money to terrorist. Before they can go public they are attacked and left for dead. Can the survivors take this information public and bring them to justice or will they be hunted down and killed first?

Since this is an NBC broadcast show we don’t get a whole lot of skin, but there is a very sexy moment when Latina hottie Daniella Pineda climbs on top of her man and pulls off her shirt. Her boner-inducing cleavage looks great in her lace bra. As she grinds away we get a nice look at her body that will have American Odyssey putting your hands on an odyssey to your crotch!