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Punch (2002)

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An angry teen learns to channel her anger into sweet science success in the boxing drama Punch (2002). In this Indy flick, Canadian director Guy Bennett cast his daughter Sonja Bennett as Ariel Frizzell, an angsty teen living with her dad Sam (Michael Riley). She's weirdly close to him, especially since her mom has been dead for so long, so she doesn't take it well when Sam starts dating a woman named Mary (Marcia Laskowski). When an argument between the two leads to Ariel getting physical and taking a swing at her, Mary's topless boxing champion sister Julie (Meredith McGeachie) isn't above using her fighting skills to exact some revenge. After a beatdown, Ariel decides she'll learn to box herself, and eventually the two enemies will meet on more equal standing. Topless boxing might sound like a joke, but Meredith and her pals seriously pound each other while their titties go flying. We'd love to give some backshots to those hotties landing the body shots! Some may enjoy the potent subplot about Sonja’s attempts to seduce her father, while others will be like "wait, the actress is the writer/director's daughter?" Yes, it's pretty weird to think about when you see the scenes where Sonja takes her top off so that her doctor dad can check out a potential lump. That'll have a lump in your jeans! That technique is a lot more subtle than the one where she lies bottomless on a bed, opens her legs and tells a dude to "dig in." Mr. Skin digs that erotic bluntness! Another woman you'll n-Everlast more than ten seconds watching, Sarah Lind manages to be a knockout while staying (barely) clothed in a red bikini, while fans of big girls should check out the big’uns of Kathryn Kirkpatrick, who’s totally shameless in showing off her butch boxing bod. But the best nudity comes with a side of violence in this one, since we get to watch as Meredith McGeachie does all sorts of topless boxing, including a great close up once she's down for the count. Good jab. Better jugs! Get rid of the creepy daddy stuff and it's all knockers and knockouts in Punch!