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Poison Ivy II

Poison Ivy II (1996)

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The girl from Who's the Boss? first had us spewing our sauce with her amazing work in the B movie sequel Poison Ivy II (1996). This time, the titular trollop is the ever-arousing Lily (Alyssa Milano), a nice girl who secretly longs to be a bad one. After heading West to college, she lands at an artists’ co-op and, after reading the diary of Ivy, the protagonist of the first film, decides she'll pattern her life after that powerful, erotic, alluring and sexually adventurous young woman. Soon, she's dressing slutty, acting flirty, and getting all sorts of attention from both her art professor Donald (Xander Berkeley) and her fellow student Gredin (Johnathon Schaech). Lily might be seeking out her own sexual awakening via affairs with the older professor and the Big Sculptor on Campus, but when you get guys that obsessed with you, only bad things can come from it. Soon enough, the teacher's a full on Ivy obsessed Virginia Creeper, and he'll do anything to sink his nub into her panty shrub! This Poison Ivy paints quite the lurid picture, and its central objet d’lust sure ain’t shy about showing off her milky palette. Alyssa is all sorts of naked in this one, from letting the sculptor use his hands to mold her tits like clay mounds, to flashing rack and rump while having very artistic sex in her loft. How many studs did she do in that studio? Not enough! Tara Ellison shows tatas, as does Lily's roomie Victoria Haas. We even get to see Kate Rodger playing a nude model who strips for the class to paint her portrait. We'd have on hand on the easel and the other on our weasel trying to get through class staring at such a fine piece of ass! Young women need to be careful with their seductive powers around old dudes is the moral of the sequel full of nudes: Poison Ivy II!