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Bound (1996)

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While they were bound for bigger and better things, three years before the mind-bending, bullet time filled, sci-fi blockbuster The Matrix (1999), The Wachowskis had to prove they could direct a flick. That mission was accomplished via the ultra-Lesbian themed Mafia flick Bound (1996). Ultra-curvy Mafia moll Violet (Jennifer Tilly) finds her unique version of love in the guise of ex-con handy “man” Corky (Gina Gershon), much to the chagrin of Violet's wiseguy, money laundering boyfriend Caesar (Joe Pantoliano). Violet wants out of the mob life, and tells Corky she needs her help to rob her beau and run off with the cash. The two clam-digging divas connive their way to $2 million in mob money and plan to ride off into the Sapphic sunset until they’re caught and, yes, bound together by a Shatner-toupee’d Joe. They'll need to find a way to break free, re-steal the cash and head to the hills if they want to live happily ever after. Speaking of hills, this film gets referenced a lot in the Chucky franchise, mostly because of the amazing shots of Jennifer Tilly's mams. So hot it's silly, Miss Tilly and Miss Gershon engage in one of the best sex scenes ever put to film, at least according to Vulture Magazine and our rock hard peen. It starts with Gina playing with Jennifer's jiggly jugs, before the bras come off, the mattress springs start squeaking, and we see the two brunette babes going boob to boob with their hands between each other's legs. Two busty badasses engaged in a little girl on girl, gently rubbing each other's pussy pearl? That's Bound to give you an erection!